Xootr Swift Folding Bike Review

(Last Updated On: June 29, 2017)

A lightweight and easy folding bike, with 8 speed gear. It can take good load, but when folded, the bike doesn’t fold to an expected size. So it can be real problem to carry and store, but nevertheless, its minimal frame makes it somehow easy. The whole body is made of aluminum making it weigh only 25 pounds. The bike has unique design, introducing Patented TrusFold system, which makes it easy to fold and open. Xootr has worked well on its bikes, and this bike is an epitome of the development.

Xootr Swift Folding Bike Review

Detailed review

The bike solid frame of 6061-T6 custom-profiled aluminum. This makes the whole body light and rigid. 20 inch tires have good traction, and when you ride this thing, you are going have comfort, with performance. You can easily carry it along with you, due to its unique patented folding design. The folding is real easy with the design. Seat and handlebars are not adjustable, so it feels right only for certain people, other people may feel like adjusting to the settlement it already has. The parts are standard, and you can easily find them, when they’re torn out.

KendaKwest 20 inch tires did a great job when I was riding this thing. Traction was god, even on the rough roads. Frame holds up good when you’re hitting the rough roads, and whole bike doesn’t respond to the vibrations. When you speed up, and shift gears, they are smooth, thanks to 8-speed SRAM SX5 twist shifter. You can’t even feel something on peddle when the gear changes, it just happens so smoothly. When you try to stop the bike with Tektro M710 V-Brakes, the bike stopped after small distance. The brakes are very good, in fact, quite impressive. You will be mesmerized by them.

The main attention seeker is the folding design of this bike, the folded dimension of the bike is 36.5 L x 40.25″ H x 20”W. so, when folded, it doesn’t compress as much, but the way of folding and opening s really easy. But customers are buying folding bike for the sole purpose that they consume less space. Maybe you’re not going to like its foldable size, because it is so big when folded, it is one big flaw.

This bike is suggested if you can digest the fact that it consumes space even after folding, rest of the bike is very good. The minimal frame, the gears, the tires, everything is as good as you want them to be. If you’re planning to take it along with you on public transportation, then, it is not a good idea. The price is good, and features are also. This could be your everyday ride, but not along the work. Ride it every day, and park it home, that’s what it is made for.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to fold and open
  • Smooth gears
  • Good tires

  • Handlebars and seat post are not adjustable
  • Doesn’t compress that much

Xootr Swift Folding Bike Review
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