Vilano Midtown 26 Inch Folding Bike Review

(Last Updated On: June 26, 2019)

Vilano is famous bike manufacturing company .In today’s world Vilano has become the most trustworthy company because of its work. They always try to manufacture upgrading products with latest features.By comparing the price of Vilano bikes with others bikes ,you can find the difference that makes this company popular in a short span.

Vilano Midtown 26 Inch Folding Bike Features

This full size 26 inch bike, has foldable capability, but weighs over 30 pounds to make it difficult to carry and fold. However, the price is low, with few quality components. The bike will need some tuning after you buy it, due to some cheap components. The color available in the market is black and champagne. The bike is fully loaded, is made with taking adventure in point of view. Vilano is known for providing budget bikes with loaded features, and they have done it pretty well with this bike.

Vilano Midtown 26 Inch Folding Bike Review

Detailed Review

The aluminum metal frame is strong enough to hold up a healthy man. It is rigid and thick, along with good connections to other parts. When we talk about speed, we got here 24 speed gears made by Shimano, a well-known name. The gear are 3×8 types. Shifters are installed of atlas. Pedals are foldable, which helps in making the bike less wide after compacting. The tires are good with traction, coming from Kendra Kross.

Right after you get it out of the box, it needs some improvements, due to cheap price, no surprises, it was expected. If you’re a professional, then you can easily tune it up, but a newbie has to see the mechanic.

The one thing you would like about the bike is its breaks. The disc brakes are very good, and whenyou apply it after speeding up, they are effective. When you’re accelerating and changing gears, there is some kind of vibrations on peddles. Well, that happens when you’re shifting and accelerating, but quality of gears could have been better. They’re smooth, but not smooth enough to shift without realizing.

Coming to frame, it is rock solid, the bike can take up to 250 pounds of load. While riding, the shifters turn up after applying some extra force, not that well. Even the handle grips slides out of the bar.

With this budget, I had to say, it couldn’t have been better. Company tried to pack all things in such a low budget. So, if you make up my mind to buy it, you surely have no problem in adjusting some parts, to get the best of it. One would happily customize the bike, and make it a pro cycle. That is the risk everyone is willing up to take in such a low budget, and that’s the key to this bicycle.

This bike is recommended bike over all available folding bikes , who wants a good product under cheap price. I am sure you’re going to make it your everyday companion. You to make some changes and customization, so buy if you’re willing to.

  • Low price
  • 24 speed Shimano gears
  • Solid aluminum metal frame
  • Full size foldable
  • Value for money

  • The weight of the bicycle is over 30, pretty heavy
  • Needs tightening and some improvements on arrival
  • Shifters, hand grips and gears could have been batter

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