Sueh Q6 – 7 Speed Folding Bike Review

(Last Updated On: June 18, 2019)

Sueh Q6 is an upgraded model from Q1, and the bike is mainly for recreational purposes only. If you’re looking for a bike, which you’re going to use day to day life, for commuting, then it is not your type. The bike is ideal for family outings, towns, and some moderate hills. Basically, it can handle only light use, heavy-duty work is not its thing. The body is made up of aluminum, which makes it lightweight. It only weighs 27 lbs. the bike folds into the dimension of 32.28” x 23”x 13”. Available color in the market is orange, black and white.

Sueh Q6 - 7 Speed Folding Bike Review

Detailed Review

Q1 is the lower model of this bike, the upgradations are the double disc brake and lighter frame. The frame is strong enough to give you a smooth ride, but you can’t compare it to high-end models mentioned above. Folding capability of the bike is good, and it folds in 15 seconds approx.

Gears are comparatively smooth than Q1, supposedly they have improved the chain and the gear system. When your shift while accelerating, you feel a little back push, well, it is there in every gear, but the bike had more.

Tires come from the house of Zhao Yang having 20″diameter. The traction of the tires are average, but they drive well and are comfy. Shimano 7 speed gears are present, making the bike smooth to ride on uphill and town roads. Brakes are good and effective. Hui Hong double disk system for SUEH are present to make sure that your bike stops at the right time.

This bike is recommended to non-regular users, who wants to ride a bike once in a while, or don’t have such a thing for bikes. Because it can deliver heavy duty work. It is difficult to commute through this bike.

  • Lightweight
  • 7 speeds Shimano gears
  • Less folding time and efforts

  • Not full size bike
  • Folding size is large, also, pedals are foldable
  • Customer service is not satisfactory
  • 6 months warranty

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