Finest Rechargeable Bike Lights- [2020 Reviews & Guide]

Being a cycling enthusiast or having a passion for biking needs no compromise with the visibility conditions. Poor light can be a hurdle while you are riding your bike during the night, but we have a perfect solution for this!! The finest rechargeable bike lights are right here and you can choose according to your tasks.

There may be issues like brightness, running time, mounting, battery power, lumens, bulb types and more that have to be studied and considered in a proper manner. We have everything in detail and in an appropriate manner for you to understand for taking the best decision. The best and the top-rated rechargeable bike lights are mentioned below with their admirable attributes, product reviews, and genuine downsides according to the customers.

Top Rated Rechargeable Bike Lights: A Quick Comparison

     ★ Best Overall ★       

Vont 'Pyro' Bike Light Set

lights for your bike

Waterproof & Indestructible

Long Lasting Rechargeable Battery

Super Bright LEDS & Four Modes

     ★ Top Choice ★       

Ascher Rechargeable Bike Light Set

most powerful bicycle light

Easy Installation


Four Light Mode Options

     ★ Best Value ★       

Cycle Torch Rechargeable Bike Light

brightest bike light

Super Bright Bike Light.

Flat Beam Shape & Water Resistant

USB Rechargeable bike lights

Let us Take a Look at The Finest Bike Light Brands Ever

     ★ Top Pick ★       

These are extremely bright LEDs which help in illuminating the entire road and feature different modes of lighting and can be switched with just a button click. Now the excessive wiring and the bulky lights are just outdated and you will find much more ease with these. You should not equip yourself with low quality or inferior bike lights. The Vont ‘Pyro’ offers the finest indestructible and water-proof lights that are designed to last long. They can survive 10-foot drop, under-water, or even if being ran over by a truck.

These work brilliantly even in the snow, rain, or zombie apocalypses. The lights are pre-installed with the top-most-quality rechargeable batteries and they provide with a long life. Two extra straps are included with your purchase for easy installation. Not to scare you but make you aware that 90% of the accidents happen due lack of vision and low light. They last for more than 10 hours and this is much more than the competitor products. The manufacturers boast of the lifetime warranty and their reputation attached with the product.


  • You can easily say goodbye to bulky and heavy lights with wiring.
  • Features super bright LED’s and four modes.

  • This is waterproof and indestructible, made with aircraft grade materials.

  • Reliable and durable lights which will keep you safe from accidents.
  • The brand guarantees satisfaction.
  • They boast of long-lasting rechargeable battery.


  • As complained by some the batteries may die soon in between also sometimes.

     ★ Top Pick ★       

2. Ascher Ultra Bright USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set, Powerful Bicycle Front Headlight and Back Taillight

most powerful bicycle light

These are another superb rechargeable front and back lights with built in 1800mAh lithium battery (rechargeable) and a lithium battery (rechargeable) for tail light 330mAh. They come with four light mode options for the headlight and tail light feature with an easy one-touch switch. They include full brightness, half brightness, slow flashing, and fast flashing qualities. The headlight can be easily fixed to the handle with the assistance of a mounting bracket.

This headlight can be fixed and installed in not time with the brackets especially designed for mounting. These feature silicon mount straps for taillight and headlights that are designed with four openings and can fit around most of the seat posts (different sizes). You can loosen or fasten the head lights and the tail lights without the requirement of any tools. These bike lights are versatile enough for hiking, biking, cycling, camping, and any of the other outdoor activities. Where visibility is the concern and you are cycling at night then this adds much more to your adventure with its marvelous illumination qualities. It is the commitment of Ascher for providing the finest products to its customers. In case of any problems you can be in touch with the manufacturer for relevant solutions.


  • These ultra-bright lights feature 4 lighting modes.

  • Waterproof feature and can be used on a rainy day.

  • The lights are super bright with maximum brightness up to 300 lumens.

  • This is a light-weight design which is easy to store and carry.
  • Features a flexible rubber strap design that easily fits most of the handle bars.
  • These advanced designed lights have no wires or external.


  • As complained by few users, the brackets are small.

  • The batteries aren’t up to the mark.

     ★ Top Pick ★       

3. Malker Bicycle Light Front and Rear Silicone LED Bike Light Set

bike lights for night riding

These premium quality lights can be installed in just seconds without the need of nay tolls or help of other equipment. You can add a light to your backpack, bike, helmet, or other areas of maximum safety. Classic glow bicycle lights are crafted meticulously by using durable silicone alloy. This helps them to withstand any weather conditions, low-impact drops and road use along with the waterproof quality. These feature versatile light modes for low, high, and strobe that makes visibility possible during dusk, night time, morning fog, and dawn.

These are ultra-bright lights and feature lithium ion batteries (2), that have the capacity to offer visibility up to half a mile. If you are riding in low light or complete darkness then also the other drivers, riders, and walkers can spot you with ease. So, you can consider them the safest ones. You can simply return them in a time period of 30-days in case of any complaints and the refund will be done by the company without asking any questions. This is perhaps the best quality guarantee.


  • This has four kinds of switch as per the actual needs.

  • In just few seconds you can install or remove the lights with no tools.

  • A bold design which is water-resistant and a shower proof design.

  • A one-touch switch design for easy operation.
  • All the sustainable use of light for 45 to 70 hours.
  • Comes with a sustainable scintillation use of 160 hours.
  • For each light this uses two CR2032 button batteries.


  • These are wonderful lights but some complained about their quality.

     ★ Top Pick ★       

4. Cycle Torch Shark 500 USB Rechargeable Bike Light – Headlight & Tail Light Set- Fits All Bicycles

cycling safety lights

This new bike light is powered by a high output CREE LED along with 500 lumens that can light up the entire road. Features a bonus USB LED tail light that will keep you safe all around. You don’t need to waste your money anywhere and can save big time with the USB feature. This has a run time of two plus hours and 30 hours on flash making it a top of the line light.

The Shark 500 attaches in seconds, and is guaranteed to fit all bikes, kid’s bikes, mountain bikes, commuter city bikes, and over-sized bikes too. You can install it in seconds and without the help of any equipment or tools. These lights feature a flat-beam shape and are designed for cyclists of urban environments. The flat beam feature doesn’t blind the eyes of the drivers of oncoming traffic and the other pedestrians will be able to see you clearly.

The lights are rated by IPX5 and if you are caught in the rain then the company assures you 100% coverage. The customers matter a lot to the manufacturers and they promise a 100% money back with your guaranteed satisfaction. The replacement or refund will be done within the first year of purchase without any questions asked.


  • This is a super-bright bike light.

  • You can commute with confidence with these bright lights.

  • You can save a lot of time with these lights that have a USB feature.

  • They deliver amazing runtime for hours.


  • As complained by few the mount is not satisfactory.

     ★ Top Pick ★       

5. Cygolite Streak 450 Lumen Headlight & Hotshot SL 50 Lumen Tail Light USB Rechargeable Bike Light

 light for bike riding at night

The Cygolite is a powerful USB rechargeable light with a rechargeable headlight of 450 lumen and 50 lumen taillight combo set. This light can last up to 100 hours, a pretty long time on a single charge and the tail up to 200 hours. The exclusive night and day modes provide augmented safety where the head lights have 7 modes and 6 modes on tail lights. This provides steady pulse alerts with pulses as its overlapping steady beam-lights during the night and day lightning powerful flashes highlight the presence in the daytime.

Whenever there is a need to indicate low battery alerts these do it for you. This is a water-resistant design, light weight with a headlight of 116 grams and taillight of 55 grams. You can confidently use these lights as they come from one of the most trusted brands of the United States since the year 1991.


  • These are powerful rechargeable 450 lumen and 50 lumen tail light set.

  • The exclusive night and day modes provide enhanced safety.

  • Provides steady pulse rate with pulses.

  • The low battery indicator alerts you for recharging again.
  • Cygolite is a trusted brand from the United States since the year 1991.
  • A lightweight and a water-resistant design.


  • Complained by a few customers that this isn’t like the claims by the company.

Selecting The Best Rechargeable Light For Your Bike


We can describe the light with the lumen factor. Though, this may not be the complete thing but a good one to start with. In simple terms the more lumens the more light is emitted and they increase the overall intensity of the light. The lumen count may start as low as with a count of 30 and may go beyond 2,000.

The light brightness doesn’t mean that it should blind the eyes of the oncoming traffic but they should deliver adequate visibility during night and day. It is advisable that a light with a high lumen count should be tilted a bit down in order to keep the oncoming driver’s eyeline comfortable to see.

You can also opt for two consecutive lights, one brighter and the other a little less powerful so that one can be switched on and off as the traffic approaches and the other with flashing modes at all times. The flashing modes are the best way to cater and this way the differentiation from the street lights becomes easy. The additional benefit is that this saves power and lasts longer between the charges.

B. Mounting

These lights are designed to fit the majority of handle bars and the seat posts. But the problem arises when it is about aero seat posts, or aero bars when the mounting becomes extremely difficult. Ensure prior to your purchase that the mounts are compatible with your bike type. Some feature a Velcro while the other lights come with a rubber strap stretchable feature. The standard circular bars are easy to manage over the ones that are non-circular.

Some of the cyclists mount the rear lights for extra-visibility purpose. consider that the lights you buy come with interchangeable mounting straps for varied handlebar diameters and different posts. Are you mounting to an aluminum or carbon frame? This should be monitored properly as the carbon frames tend to crack when tightened up. So, the Velcro or the stretchable straps come with a big yes.

C. Battery

The lights that are USB rechargeable and come with lithium-ion battery or some other similar batteries are supposed to be the best. This saves your money and bring a lot more convenience to you too. Ensure that you get the lights that may require batteries that are easily attainable from the nearby services station or a super market.

If you have a high-powered light then you may require a battery pack to keep them on the go. One thing can be mounted while the other can be carried for convenience. This is true that the bigger batteries will be heavier in weight.

D. Run Times

The run time or say the light’s burn time indicates that how long the light is going to last. You should be able to see that how these lights tend to manage their run times. Some of the lights tend to start with a high-lumen point and then gradually decrease when the battery starts losing its charge.

The constant output while these lights work should be considered properly. Some lights tend to lose the lumens with a gradual count ( 500 lumens start, lose 10 lumens per 15 minutes) while the others may start at 500 lumens and may sty for two hours at the same and may decline steadily before the ‘get-home-safe’ option kicks.

E. Bulb Types

In comparison with the halogen bulbs the LED bulbs are the best and most responsible, reliable lighting in the modern-era. The LED lights have taken the market with a storm and are made with the latest technology.

F. Budget

There may be many underlying factors such as the beam angles, battery life, lumens, mount compatibility, battery life, and others that are focussed by a manufacturer. The aspects which are crucial for you need to be checked before you make the final decision. There are lights that may come in 50 dollars and may rise up to 250 dollars. You need to check the features and decide accordingly as the increase in amount may have better quality in terms of enhanced and hi-tech features. You need to prioritise in order to get the best light for your use.


The visibility has become clearer and has significantly developed in the previous years with these amazing bike lights. The LED lights of today’s times are more streamlined and elegant and have left no excuse of not being able to see at night.

The lights that come with a bit more running time should be preferred as you and your bile should be ready to face any uncertain detour or a mechanical problem. You should make it a point to carry extra lights and that way getting back home becomes easier in case the main lights fail. Travelling long distances in the dark may be challenging but have some external power banks so that you can recharge while you are on your excursion.