Most Powerful Electric Bike Conversion Kit

If you need an electric bike but love your present bike too much, then don’t worry. Your wish for an electric bike can be achieved on your loved bike itself through a powerful electric bike conversion kit. With the most powerful electric bike kit you can convert almost any bike to a powerful electric bike, which saves you a lot of money which you would have spent on buying a new electric bike. Not only would you save money on this but you would have a stronger electric bike for yourself when your trusted bike converts into an electric one. As the new electric bike is not as strong as the regular bikes and are often low end.

The modern day electric bike conversion kits are as easy to use as changing a bike’s tire. It also allows you to explore a lot on the designing of your electric bike. The most alluring thing about this option is that you can select your own power supply for this. It allows you to customize on charge length and the power on your electric bike, which is cool.

Comparison Chart Of Most Powerful Electric Bike Conversion Kit

     ★ Best Overall ★       

Theebikemotor Hi Speed

Hi Speed best e bike kit

Top Speed.

Hydraulic Brake

3.2” TFT Display

     ★ Top Choice ★       

Ebikeling 48v 1200w 26”

Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit

Easy To Assemble

Led Or Lcd Displays

Pedal Assist Sensor

     ★ Best Value ★       

AW 26"x1.75" Rear Wheel

Electric Bicycle Motor Kit

Durable Frame.

Dual Mode Controller.

Environmental Protection.

Most Powerful Electric Bike Conversion Kit Reviews

     ★ Top Pick ★       

1. NBpower 26" 3000W Electric Bike Conversion Kit

best e bike kit

This powerful electric bike conversion tool is made by Changzhou Niubo Power (NBpower) which consists of bike enthusiasts and experts with more than seven years’ experience from Electric Bike field, The critical engineer of the NB Power has worked in a famous Japan E-BIKE firm for more than six years, The company offers only the high quality products and have a friendly and excellent customer service to all of their customers.

The motor given is a powerful 3000W, 48/60/72V Brushless DC motor which is for the rear wheel. The wheel size which comes is 26 inches and is an alloy wheel which makes it strong and highly durable, especially for longer distances. The controller that comes with this conversion kit is 48/60/72V, 80 A and a sine wave programmer controller, which makes the ride smooth and void of any problems of any kind.

The cool thing about this converter kit is that it also comes with this electric conversion kit is the throttle, which is a twist throttle which has a LED display and comes with an electrical power switch. Now you can monitor your speed like any motor bike and keep an eye on your motion speed. It can reach a speed of 25-100 kmh which is more than sufficient. The kit also comprises 2 electric brake levers, you can power off from both, which makes it very convenient and safe. It can carry a load up to 150 kg which is a decent figure.


  • Can cover longer distance.

  • You can custom order through email.

  • Great speed.

  • Efficient braking system


  • Tube puncture possible during installation.

     ★ Top Pick ★       

2. Theebikemotor Hi Speed Electric Mtb Bicycle E Bike Hub Motor Conversion Kit:

e bike conversion kit reviews

This product from theebikomotor is truly an exceptional product. This kit includes a DC motor of 3000w with 60A max controller, MTX Sun Ringle bicycle rim (no tire), throttle, TFT display, brake lever, and 6 or 7 speed gear. It also gives you exceptional speed depending upon the size of the wheel and motor power. A wheel of 26inch with 72V3000W motor size will give you a speed of 72-80 kph and a wheelbase of 26 inch with motor of 60V3000W would give a top speed of 60km/h and 26 inch wheel base and 48V3000W motor would give 50-55km/h top speed. It gives the bike a good ability to climb hills.

The motor is a 3000W DC motor which has a double hall sensor. This offers 150mm drop out which makes it best for bikes with disk brakes. The battery used is Panasonic and comes in three modules to choose from 48V26AH, 63V24AH and 72V24AH.

The kit also has an amazing TFT display which comes with it. This is a 3.2 inch screen which offers high contrast screen color. It is very useful for the rider as it shows speed, time, battery power level, mileage, gear, component error check and input power.

The tube used in the tire is a 60A controller 24 MOZ tube. This is a German quality which has a rim width of 38.9mm. Overall it is an amazing product with good reviews.


  • Power full and fast.

  • Battery lasts long.

  • Durable and long-lasting.

  • Goof TFT display monitor


  • Instructions given are not good.

     ★ Top Pick ★       

3. Ebikeling 48v 1200w 26” Rear Waterproof Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit Or Fat Direct Drive Front

electric bike conversion kit

If you look at all the bicycle conversion kits present in the market, this is the most easy to install electric bicycle conversion kit. It also gives you the luxury of using your own parts if you wish to do so. This would give you control on your bike construction.

The kit is very easy to assemble, it comes in 4 different types with LED or LCD displays for either the front or the rear wheel. This also comes with a pedal assist sensor. It also has a freewheeling option which is optional. This gives the rider an instant switching ability from power assisted movement to fully motorized moment or between regular paddling and fully motorized pedaling.

The kit also includes a display screen which would record your travelled distance and also the total power in Watts you have used and is remaining. This kit also gives you excellent control and handling. This can be used front and rear and is available even for the both.

It also has a paddles assist sensor or PAS which allows you to travel without throttle response. The peak power of its motor can reach to 1.45 kw which is amazing power.


  • Easy to install

  • Excellent control

  • Amazing customer service

  • Great value for money


  • Does not well for narrow tired bikes.

     ★ Top Pick ★       

4. Aw Rear Wheel 48v 1000w Electric Bicycle Convertor Kit:

best electric bike conversion kit

This is also a wonderful electric bike convertor kit from AW. This product offers many benefits that are better than the products that are available online. This is a 1000W 48V electric bicycle rear hub Conversion Kit. It is fit for 5 5/16 inch rear dropout spacing. This amazing product can give your bike the speed of 50 km/h. it would make your bicycle a great substitute for electric power moped. The motor is brushless hub motor which makes it one of the finest noiseless running electric motors for cycle and gives the user a reason to fully enjoy the pleasure of riding.

This product comes with a dual mode controller. This means that the motor would work under Hall Effect and non-hall effect; this component would extend the life of an electric bicycle. In this arrangement if the components break down or damage the controller will switch into non-hall effect mode and the motor will still be working. The frame of this conversion kit’s tire is very durable and tough as it is made from aluminum, it not only provides durability but also gives it more stability.

The battery monitor with thumb throttle is very easy to use and understand. It gives the rider the ability to control the bike with efficiency and zero error. When you hand brake the monitor shuts down automatically which ensures safety and saves energy.


  • Easy to install.

  • Value for money.

  • Extended battery life.

  • Great speed
  • High durability and safety


  • Does not have PAS.

How To Choose The Most Powerful Electric Bike Conversion Kit?

The E-bikes or electric bikes are becoming popular with each passing day among the sports riders, commuters and hobbyists.

The new age electric motor technology is powerful and the transformed and better rechargeable batteries have given rise to high-performance electric bicycles. When you convert your favorite bike into an electric bike with the use of an electric bike conversion kit, you get the best of both.

Electric bikes are amazing. You get all the good things of a bike and reach the destination faster too. It is also becoming popular as you get to your destination faster and that too without breaking a sweat.

Buying a new electric bike is an expensive option to try plus it requires a lot of research. But when you have the option of converting you’re tested and trusted bike into an electric one, it is the better and economic option. All you need is a good electric battery conversion kit.

An electric battery conversion kit has it all to make your bike an electric one. This can be done by anyone and is relatively easy to do.

The Different Types Of Electric Battery Conversion Kit:

E-bikes Electric Bike Conversion Kit:

The strength of the fork also needs consideration because of the high motor torque. So you need to be stronger then the bike to mount the motor.

This is the most popular conversion kit. Either the front or back wheel of the current bicycle is supplanted by a wheel containing an extraordinary gearing and hub. A battery may likewise be in the hub or mounted somewhere else. If the battery is mounted independently, a front wheel engine is useful for street riding as the entire load of the kit is dispersed equitably over the bicycle. Or else, all the weight sits on the front wheel, which makes the steering difficult.

best ebike conversion kit

The rear wheel motor is best for off road usage as it gives better traction. The bike’s existing hub gear needs to be replaced with derailleur and cassette. The external battery is optional.

Mid Drive Electric Bike Conversion Kit:

This design mirrors what number of complete e-bicycles are manufactured and is likewise a well-known design. A battery and motor are mounted to the edge, with the motor regularly joined to the base section. Weight is kept low, which enables the ride to feel however the motor can be inclined to harm in the uncovered position, particularly when heading out street.

Friction Drive Electric Bike Conversion Kit:

With this sort of electric bicycle conversion kit, a roller and motor sits on the back wheel, utilizing erosion to push the bicycle forward. This is a fairly rough arrangement and isn’t especially famous. In addition to the fact that you have similar weight conveyance issues, however the framework isn’t especially proficient.

Concealed Electric Bike Conversion Kit:

If you want to hide the fact that your bike is electric then this option can be chosen, although it is an expensive option. A battery and motor fits inside the seat tube and drives the bottom bracket. This is a costly affair and must be only tried if you are desperate to hide the fact.

Electric Bike Conversion Kit Buying Guide:

Power Assist Vs. Full-power

When searching for an electric bike the most important factor is the motor. If you want a full power electric bike, then you are aiming at not paddling anymore, so you would need a specialized motor for that purpose. These types of motors are heavier, so your aim should be to analyze which battery you would need so that the power of the bike is maintained and also you don’t have to change the battery frequently.

The power assist motors are the most popular ones, this allows you to paddle your bike and the paddling is the primary source of motion. The motors are only used for assistance in climbing hills or when you are feeling exhausted. It is popular among the people who travel longer. They also last longer on a single charge. Since they don’t need a lot of charge, you can choose a smaller battery, as you don’t have to worry about it being dead in the middle.

B. Wired Vs. Wireless:

Today many bike conversion kits are made wireless. This is an easier process for installation and also anyone can assemble the same.

The wired electric bike conversion kits on the other hand need more than layman’s knowledge for assembly. But there are many informative videos available to understand and assemble the same so it would not be much of a problem.

Features To Consider When You Buy An Electric Conversion Kit:


The durability of a conversion lit is directly proportional to the quality of the production. The higher the quality of the manufacturing the more would be the durability.


Quality is also a major factor to consider while buying an electric conversion kit. Quality is the value that you receive after buying the product. You should not focus on the price but on the quality, as more expensive does not mean better quality.

Motor Rating:

Motor rating determines the strength or power of the conversion kit. They are mainly watts and volts. The higher is the watts the better is the operation. That means that a 1000watts motor would always perform better than an 800watt motor.


Performance is what we need from a conversion kit. Thus the major focus of the research should be around this aspect. In some kits the motor is excellent but the performance is not up to the mark. The best way to determine this is by online reviews.


The electric bike once converted should become a substitute to your car. For this you need to select the kit accordingly. Always buy a kit that operates fast. For this you should check the speed throttle in your accessories. As through this you can determine the speed of the kit and also control it.

e bike kits review

Versatility Of The Battery:

The most powerful battery conversion kit is the one which has the highest level of versatility. Most conversion kits allow us to use different battery types to select the one that suits best. The versatility of the conversion kit gives us the option of selecting various batteries and selecting which one is better. This is very useful in changing the damaged battery quickly.

Ease of Use:

Everyone likes an easy functioning product. The same can be said for battery converter kits. So always choose the kit that is easy to install and operate and dismantle.


Everyone uses bikes because it makes no or less noise. So if a converter kit is noisy then it can be frustrating. So always go for a converter kit that operates silently. It not only makes riding fun but also prevents you from becoming a nuisance to others.

Faq's Of Battery Operative Kits:

What Is The Right Size Of Battery That I Should Buy?

The response to this inquiry relies to a great extent upon how fast you need your electric bicycle to go, and to what extent you are hoping to go between charges. The normal electric bicycle battery is a lithium-particle battery that produces somewhere in the range of 24 and 72 volts.

The bigger the battery, the heavier it is, which means you'll need to mull over the weight while figuring your general separation per charge.

Which Kind Of Bike Performs Best?

You need to change over a lighter bicycle, if conceivable. The lighter the heaviness of the casing, the less force expected to move the bicycle, making it utilize less energy generally speaking. In any case, remember that feeble wheel spokes might be bound to break, as they can be debilitated by the additional strain from the motors.

In any case, most bicycles ought to have the option to be changed over into an electric bicycle with the correct kit, however increasingly complex apparatus frameworks may represent some trouble contingent upon the electric conversion kit.