Montague Navigator Full Size Folding Bike Review

(Last Updated On: June 26, 2019)

The bike is designed for adults and has 27 speeds to make the riding experience smooth. The folding system of the bike is very unique, and it is what makes them the strongest in the segment. The frame of the bike is very strong and has two connecting rods. These rods provide extra support and make the cycle rigid on the rough roads. The available color option is blue and black.  Being a strong bike, it only weighs 27 pounds. Fenders and rack are included in the packaging.

Montague Navigator Full Size Folding Bike Review

Detailed Review

The whole metal frame is made up of aluminum (Custom drawn 7005 Series Aluminum with FIT System), which means it is light but strong. The middle hinge is absent, which gives you the full feel of an adult bike. The price range of this bike makes it a great deal. There are some bikes which are much lower in the wheel size but weigh the same. If we take into consideration the price, then you should definitely go for this.

Riding this bike is a real comfort. With such rigid support, you’re going to love the handling and pedaling. 27 speeds gear are of Shimano Sora, 9-Speed rear, and 3-speed front. While riding this thing, it was found that the gears shift effortlessly. We mostly see that with an increase in gears, it is really difficult to shift frequently, but not with this bike. You can ride this thing for a good interval, because the saddle is very comfortable, having center gap comfort technology.

When it comes to breaks, it is integrated with Caliper side pull type, an alloy made. The thing works like charm. When tested the brakes on different speeds, and it stopped almost at the same time. As far as breaks are concerned, they deliver pure performance.

The bike hardly has any maintenance than normal greasing and oiling. The parts are very strong and the gears are smooth. Folding this bike is very easy, a normal kid can do it. This full-size bike compresses a lot when folded. The size reduction ratio is great. The front wheel can be removed for folding, so there is some extra effort, but worth it

When you ride this thing, the tires are sleek, so you get acceleration without even trying hard. The gears help you to reach a speed at no time. This is more like a racing bike, which you can use it for day to day purpose. You can easily carry it along on public transport. It does okay on rough roads, but on city roads, it has no competition. The price tag makes it a great deal.

This bike is recommended to people who want to go to their work on it regularly, because it is durable and strong.

  • Strong metal frame (FIT frame)
  • Adult size bike
  • 3×9 speed gears by Shimano
  • Racks and fenders included
  • Sleek tires, good for city use
  • Good price

  • Bike separates into two pieces when you fold it

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