Montague FIT Full Size Folding Bike Review

(Last Updated On: June 26, 2019)

The bike is top in the segment, and due to its patented fit design and folding technique, it is the strongest montague folding bike ever made. The carbon fork of the bike is made for tough roads and shocks. When we look at the price, it is 1245 dollars, expensive for rookies, but every part of this bike is worth every penny. The solid aluminum frame supports the parts effectively, and make the bike weigh only 26.5 lbs. the color choices that are available in the market are hunter green and pure black.

Montague FIT Full Size Folding Bike Review

Detailed Review

When it is said that this is the strongest folding bike, it is true. The frame is fully aluminum having their FIT design. The bike has no middle hinge, which makes it stronger. Carbon fiber fork has better response and steering. It can absorb a good amount of shock. When folded the size of the bike becomes 36″ x 28″ x 12″. While folding, the bike separates into two pieces and is the only flaw I have ever notice in the bike.

Coming to the gears, it is integrated with 30 speeds Shimano Tiagra with the optical display. The specs you get are the flagship of the brand. While riding the bike, if gears are changed while accelerating and it is found that they’re very smooth, like cutting butter with a hot knife. The bike picks up speed in no time, and you won’t even feel any discomfort in doing that. Wheels are of Kenda Kontender Lite having 700c x 23mm slick. They’re light, strong and comfy. Their traction is pretty good, despite the fact that they’re thin.

Saddle is very comfortable, and it doesn’t hurt you after a while. It has Double Density Performance, with “Center Gap” Comfort Technology that makes sure that you enjoy every meter of the ride. The brakes are also effective enough to stop it in less time, no matter at which speed you’re riding.

Folding would take only 20 seconds, but for that, you have to remove the front wheel. The folding compresses the bicycle way much than any other in the segment. You can easily carry it along yourself on public transportation.

The bike is best in the segment, having all the high-end features, from gears to frame, from fork to saddle. The price is a bit high, but if you’re willing to invest that kind of money, it is a guarantee that you will get a bicycle that is never going to leave you in tough situations. It has low maintenance and is extremely durable. This bike is suggested for regular riders, for those who want to go work on it, the ones who roam around the city. It has got everything you need.

  • Adult size bike
  • Lightweight only weighs 26.5 lbs.
  • 30 speed Shimano gears
  • Unique FT frame and folding technique
  • Strong frame
  • Smooth ride and comfy saddle

  • Separates into two pieces while folding

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