MINI Cooper Folding Bike Review

(Last Updated On: June 22, 2019)

MINI has always been good with their bikes, and this is no exception. The design of MINI cooper folding bike is very compact and advanced. You get 8 speeds gear on the rear, with good frame and hold of the body. This bikes is for boys, but an adult can also ride it. Basically, it is your outing bicycle. It can your partner for relaxing and riding to the outskirts of the city. It is designed to get easily fit into the mini cooper. If you want something classy along with features, I think you can go with this on.

MINI Cooper Folding Bike Review

Detailed Review

The bicycle screams performance. This mini folding bike until now, is one of the most influential folding bike, without a second thought .The quality is comparable to Dahon Briza, one of the leading manufacturer in the industry. The bike weighs only 24 lbs., due to aluminum frame. The shift system comes from the house of NEOS 2.0 , which means quality and durability. The gears are very smooth, and shifts perfectly.

When it comes to brakes, the manufacturers have installed Kinetic V-brakes, both in front and rear, and to make them in action, aluminum lever, of Avid FR5.

When you glare upon the wheels, you will instantly become a fan of the bike. Pairs of Schwalbe KOJAK 35-406 Dahon special edition, gives your durability, along with good traction on any surface. The Selle Royal Gel saddle is very comfortable, and you can ride for long hours.

There are many other folding bikes options, in the same specs, if you’re not really a mini cooper fan. But if you’re planning to buy this, you will definitely become one. The dahon accessories can easily fir this bike, without any glitch.

The mini folding bike is really a performer. When it was checked on regular city roads, it was a smooth ride. When you shift gears to speed up, the gears are smooth, but not as much as you would expect from MINI. They could have been better. The tires are great, they have very good traction ratio. When brakes were applied after speeding up, it stopped immediately, that means, brakes did a good job. It performed way well than imagined.

With all the quality and luxury accessories and parts, MINI outdid itself by making this bike. The frame is solid, the bike is smooth, saddle is comfy, tires are grippy, what more do you expect from a bike?

It is suggested to buy MINI cooper folding bike on amazon , but before going to finalize, go check for other options, and make your mind. The mini folding bike is specifically designed for mini cooper owners, but that doesn’t mean others can’t buy.

  • 8 speed smooth gear system
  • Solid metal frame
  • Good traction of tires
  • Touch up paint is included with the parts
  • Lightweight

  • Mini cooper fans will better relate to this bike
  • Gears could have been better

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