Half Bike Reviews: Remember Your Kids Day Again

An invention The Half Bike is done by Mihail Klenov and Martin Angelov, they shared a vision about urban motility and how to apply it to the contemporary city. It was launched by them on Kickstarter in 2015 and they raised in funding a million dollars.

half bike review

Features of Half Bike

A half bike comes assembled and needs finishing. It has a curved aluminium base frame connected to a handlebar made of plywood. There is one large front wheel and two small wheels attached to a springy axle . It has three gears in the Sturmey Archer hub. It has no saddle so while pedaling you have to stand up and for steering you have to adjust your weight, by leaning into the direction you want to go. The handlebars are foldable so can be stored easily under a desk or in a car.

The Chunky Schwalbe Tyres Are Excellent

The tyres being fully inflated, a tool is provided with instructions for fitting the mud guards. For mudguard a neat metal piece was designed to hold the two mudguard nuts in place and to tighten the bolts. Gears and brakes are in perfect adjustment.

half bike 2 review

It’s ride is completely different from riding a bike. If the handlebars are held too hard then you can topple over to the side and to put pressure on the pedals is tricky as this adjusts your body weight also. The action is more similar to walking or running than riding a bike. Once you master to control it and pick up a bit of speed then it’s a great feeling, more like gliding than bike riding. It’s not so fast as a bike and after a couple of miles you find yourself breathing harder and muscles start to burn.

On a segregated path it is fun, and an alternative exercise to riding. In terms of alternative transport systems it’s not so practical enough, so doesn’t meet its aim. As an object it’s a thing of beauty and as an exercise tool, it is effective and thrilling work out. It’s an unadulterated fun that makes you feel like a kid again. It gives a feeling of more confidence, relaxing and going with the flow of the half bike.

the half bike

Considering the quality build, it is not like some cheap toy quickly thrown together. Once fully assembled with everything nice and tight, looking from behind everything is perfectly in line and it is how it should be.


● To learn a new and more natural way of balancing and moving. This is very beneficial.
● Much of the body works together not only legs but core muscles, arms, shoulders, hands, wrists etc.
● It provides tremendous fun in an area of smooth, flat paving- parks, wide pavements, promenades or even local bus way cycle track.
● Looks elegant and nice simply hanging on a wall.
● It is made very well with three gears and a break.
● It is something innovative, novel and something different.

Not So Good At-

● You need to have patience to learn to ride it.
● It is also using a single brake lever operating on the rear wheels. The brakes slow down but not really stop you abruptly, so not so safe to use on a busy road.
● It comes in black, perhaps a few neon colors could be used for some fun.

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