Best Durban Metro Folding Bike Review In 2019

(Last Updated On: June 27, 2019)

Another bike from the house of Durban, but this bike doesn’t have much difference than mentioned above. It only rides smoother than the previous one due to 6-speed gears present. The gears make the bike to climb a hill easily, you can expect your bike to climb moderate hills. Still, it is very heavy and weighs 29 lbs (13kg) with folding dimensions of 6″ x 13″ x 31”. The previous one was not much of a commuter bike, but this one can be, due to the presence of gears.

Durban Metro Folding Bike Review

Durban Metro Bike Review In Detail

The solid frame is made of alloys, b-latch type. It absorbs most of the shocks and works well on flat roads, however on rough rods it is a different story. The frame is solid, and when used it on the concrete road, it was responsive, and ride well. The bike is made for the flat road, not for the rough ones. This is a commuter bicycle, but there is more in this segment than only this

When you ride this bicycle, you will find that it is shaky and some vibrations are there. The speed gears are of Shimano and give perfect smooth ride which makes this folding bike easy to ride. They have no complications and maintenance cost. So you can ride this thing for coming years. Just need some oiling and grease.

While checking gears, they were found to be moderately smooth. Accelerating and shifting gears was not as smooth as expected. You may feel a little jerk in the pedal.

While riding, when applied Alloy V- brakes, it stops after a while, the jerk was there, but it stopped right after some time. The grip is the tire is good, on a flat road, the cycle runs smooth. The saddle is very comfortable due to the high density cushioning present. The durban metro bike is slightly different from the Durban One Folding Bike. Performance wise, obviously this one is better, due to gears

You can count it in the commuter bike list, but at the end, it is not among the high-end commuter bike, but certainly an average one, on which you can easily rely.

This bike is particularly for commuters who don’t want any special features in their foldable bike. A simple run and folding requirements are fulfilled with this bike. Basically, the ones who don’t have many expectations from a bike.

This bike is recommended it to a light commuter who doesn’t have heavy needs. Though the bike is not ideal for commuting, it is heavy and folding is not as good as it could have been.

  • Very modern and stylish
  • 20″ Wheels for adults

  • B-Type Latch
  • Heavy for a commuter bike and doesn’t fold good

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