Durban Bay Pro Folding Bike Review In 2019

(Last Updated On: June 27, 2019)

By paying an extra 100 dollars, you can get this bike, which is definitely better than the metro version. The difference between the two of them is weight and gears. This bike weighs 26 pounds, dues to the aluminum frame, and has 7 gears. The foldable dimension of the bike is 26″ x 13″ x 31″. 20-inch wheels are perfect for riding, you can easily go on smooth and rough roads. Unlike others, this bike could be used for commuting purposes. The available colors are yellow, red and graphite.

folding bike yellow

Durban Pro Bike Review In Detail

The aluminum metal frame now makes it less heavy, still 26 lbs, which means that you have to do extra efforts in carrying it. The frame is rigid and solid, and tough roads are conquered easily. The solid frame is made of alloys, b-latch type. It absorbs most of the shocks and works well on flat roads. The fork and other parts are also made of the same metal, which makes them equally strong and lighter. Rough roads make the bicycle to shake and misbalance because it is not really meant for it

The speed gears are of Shimano FT-35 and give a perfectly smooth ride. When you step up, and shift gears, you will find that they’re incredibly smooth and reliable. That thing could last the whole lifetime, talking about the durability. You just have to oil and grease them.

While riding, when applied Alloy V- brakes, it stops after a while, no matter how fast you drive, it stops in the almost same time, which tells us about the effectiveness of the brakes. The grip is the tire is good, on a flat road, the cycle runs smooth. The saddle is very comfortable due to the Durban high-density type. This bike beats all the Durban bikes I have reviewed, due to a maximum number of gears and lightweight.

This is an average folding bike for commuting, and you can count on it, but honestly, it is a bit heavy to commute. You would find it difficult to hold it in public transport. Also, the space it consumes is higher even after folding. Considering the facts, if you’re willing to carry that extra load, then this bike is for you, seeing other features and price, nobody comes close to this. The bike is particularly for commuters who don’t want any fancy features in their foldable bike.

Light city roamers, commuters and fun loving adults are welcomed if they choose this bike. But if you’re a serious commuter, let just reevaluate the choice by looking at other options

  • Improved Latch and folding technique
  • Comfortable Saddle for long hours riding
  • Sleek Handlebars

  • Not for big mountains and long commutes

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