Dahon Briza D8 Folding Bike Review

(Last Updated On: June 26, 2019)

This is a full size adult bike, with a low step. When you ride this thing, you will find yourself at height higher than expected. Your posture will be straight and you can ride it for hours, without any back pain. The riding is smooth due to 8 speed Shimano gears and shifter. Dahon is known for bikes that are good with specs, as well as price. This bike only costs 699 dollars, and weighs 27.1 lbs. color options available in the market are Shadow and mist.

Dahon Briza D8 Folding Bike Review

Detailed Review

When folded this beast could fit into the dimension 32.3” x 14.6” x 35.4”.This means, now your bike is more compact than ever, store or carry it wherever you want it to. Frame is rigid, of low step through design. This helps you to easily sit on thesaddle. 24 inch wheel have good traction over the rough surface, but lack of suspension makes it hard to ride, because now you’re getting all the jerks on your arms and back.

The frame is made of aluminum, and fork of hi-ten steel, which can absorb almost any kind of jerk. When you ride this thing, you will found it really comfortable to sit on the saddle, and pedal, due to its low step frame. This is really great for the people who don’t have good height. While accelerating and shifting gears, pedals were smooth, andshifted instantly. Riders are impressed by the shifting speed. There was no jerk or vibrations at all, just smooth shifting.

Winzip 110mm V-brakes are present to stop the bike, and must tell you, they did a great job. When you apply them, you feel such a stopping jerk, and suddenly the bike would stop. They are equally effecting while coming down the slope. Coming to tires, they’re good for city roads, but improvement could have been there while on the rough roads. Nevertheless, this is a transportation bikes on city roads. The bike can also ride moderate hills, without any problem, you just have to gear down it, and it will be a walk in the park.

Professionally speaking, this bike is a simple piece of performance and budget mixed together.it doesn’t have wooing specs, like other mountain bikes, but surely, this thing can ride intermediate mountains. Suspension is missing, but that won’t affect the overall performance, but it does effect the comfort level of the bike. This bike is suggested to people who want a simple bike that performs well, and durable. Dahon Briza D8 is considered as one of the easy foldable bikes which is made to last for longer time period, and maintenance cost is less. Go buy this bike without any second thought, because it is not going to make you regret your decision.

  • Full size 24 inch adult bike
  • Low step frame for easy riding
  • Lightweight
  • Price is good according to the build quality
  • Rack and fenders are included
  • Can run to moderate hills

  • The stock seat is hard
  • No suspension
  • Tires could have been better

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