3 Best Full Suspension Fat Tire Bikes – From Budget to High End

★ Best Overall ★

Mongoose Dolomite

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Best Quality

High-Tensile Steel Frame

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Mongoose Kong Boy

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Unique Design

Most Comfortable

Easy To Change Gears

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Mongoose Malus

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Heavy Duty

Highly Durable

Most Strogest Tire

Best Fat Bikes : Reviewed in Detail

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Rambo Bikes Non-Motorized Fat Bike – Finest Fat Tire Bike Under 1000

Coming from the house of Kawasaki, there are reasons to believe that this could be one of the best fat tire bikes in the market today. It has a number of features and functions and the reputation and goodwill this brand enjoys is something that one needs to always keep in mind. Here is a look at a few of the important features and functions of this bike.

best fat bikeFeatures

  • It has a unique frame and fork. The fat bike frame for example is made from 18.5 inch aluminum diamond material while the U Bridge Ridged Fork is also something that needs to be kept in mind.
  • The black rims are made from high quality aluminum material which is good enough to hold the WD Hard Pack of 26 x 4.0 fat bike Tires.
  • It also has a 21 speed gears which is powered by EF-51 Shimano Trigger Shifters and Derailleur
  • The Front and Rear Promax Disc Brakes & Brake Levers are of the good quality.
  • It also comes with MTB Saddle, Promox Seat Post and much more.


  • It weighs around 57.5 pounds making it quite light given the fact that it is a quality fat bike.
  • It can easily be assembled and more than 85% of the bike comes to you pre-assembled.
  • The disc brake according to many customers is considered to be the best in the market.
  • The tire pressure can easily be dropped and increased thereby making it suitable for different types of surfaces and terrains.
  • It also has the best of after sales support services.


  • When it comes to negotiating steep hills which are snow covered, few customers have complained of wheelspin.


All in all, when one factors the various pluses and minuses there are many customers who believe that it is one of the best fat bikes of its category. It is also priced quite competitively and given the fact that it is from a reputed bike company, it is something that will attract the attention and goodwill of customers.


Mongoose Dolomite 26” Men’s Fat Tire Bike- Bestselling Fat Bike For The Money

This is a reasonably large sized 26 inch men’s fat tire bike which has almost all the workmanship and features to make it a candidate for an excellent fat bike in the market today. It also is a product which comes from the stables of Mongoose who have a good track record in manufacturing and marketing quality fat bicycles over the past many years.

wide tire bicycleSome Main Features:

  • This is unique and versatile bike which has been designed to take care of the needs and requirements of various terrains and surfaces.
  • It is around 26 inches and comes with 4 inches alloy wide fat wheel bike which is totally rust and corrosion proof.
  • The best of disc brakes are also a part of this bike.
  • It also features 7 speed gearing and also has quality Shimano rear derailleur.
  • The 3 piece crank and threadless headset are also features which make it an interesting proposition. It goes a long way in making it easily adjustable.
  • It is quite lightweight and weighs around 59 pounds.


  • Excellent services because the bike arrives within 48 hours after placing of the order. It comes almost 85% pre-installed and the balance 15% installation can be done by the customers themselves.
  • The twist gear shift works amazingly well and therefore switching from one gear to another can happen almost effortlessly.
  • The disc brakes according to some customers are the best in the business and are safe and fully dependable.
  • It can handle loose surface and sand quite efficiently.


  • There are a few customers who are perhaps not very happy with the packing. A few cases of scratches in the frame and fork have been reported.


Though there are many similar bikes in the market, many customers are of the opinion that this model from Mongoose is quite different and unique. It has been built after quite a bit of research and after understanding the specific needs and requirements of the customers. Therefore they see quite a bit of value in this fat bicycle.


Mongoose Men’s Malus – Good Value Fat Bike

Whenever you decide to buy a quality fat bike, there are a few names which you have always have in mind. Mongoose is one such name which has over the years become a big name to reckon with. Hence it is only quite normal that there is quite a bit of excitement as far as this bike is concerned. Here are a few worthwhile features which could perhaps make it a candidate for one of the top fat bikes around.

best fat tire bikes

Interesting Features

  • This is yet another reasonably large sized bike with 26-inch frame and 4-inch knobby tires.
  • It has one of the finest fat bike frames built around the cruiser bike design concept. This helps in having generous clearance space. It certainly helps in conquering any type of terrain without too much of a bother.
  • The wheelset is made from 4-inch high-quality alloy.
  • It also comes with high-quality disc brakes.
  • It also offers 7-speed gearing with a rear derailleur from the house of Shimano.
  • It also comes with 3 piece cranks and quality beach cruiser pedals which not many have.


  • One ride with the bike will certainly make you fall in love with it.
  • It can easily handle guys who are around 6 feet and could be weighing even 375 pounds.
  • It certainly is a heavy duty bike, designed to work in the toughest of conditions.
  • The tires of high quality and with some minor changes to PSI or air pressure it can easily negotiate different types of terrains.
  • The front brakes need not be used regularly because the rear brakes are quite marvelous and totally dependable and stable.


  • The only thing which one might need to do is to upgrade the seats to make it more comfortable and easy to ride.


Going by the various parameters, features, customer feedback and star ratings, a few things become quite obvious. It is one of the finest of its kind in the market and it has been designed to offer long-lasting services and the best of durability. Quality after sales service is also something which makes this a good buy.


Diamondback Bicycles El Oso Gordo – Top Fat Bike For Snow

This is a fantastic looking bike and it is bound to catch the attention of bike lovers in general and particularly those who love full suspension fat bikes. It has a number of worthwhile features which have caught the imagination of dozens of fat bike enthusiasts across the country. Hence it would be interesting to have a closer look as to what this bike has to offer for its customers.

full suspension fat bike

Important Features:

  • The bike is well and truly high class not only in looks but also in workmanship and material.
  • The butted heat treats steel frame makes it a very tough and sturdy bike.
  • It also has a high-class wheel which can accommodate 26×5 inches tire making it a classy fat bike, to say the least.
  • It can also handle 7 different speeds and this is possible because of the high-quality Shimano Tourney RS-35 grip shift.
  • The apex mechanical disc and 160 mm rotor are also things which should be taken into account.


  • This high quality steel bike weighs around 35.2 pounds making it light but extremely tough and stubborn.
  • Assembling the bike is quite straightforward and should not take too much of time even for beginners. This is because almost 85 of the bike come to your pre-assembled.
  • The documentation which accompanies the bike is also quite informative and can help in easy assembly of the bike.
  • It is one of the few fat bikes which is well and truly upgradable.


  • The brake pad adjustment according to a few customers leaves very little room for adjustment.
  • Handlebars are a bit wide and may not be exactly contemporary for a few in fashion and looks.


There are many reasons to believe that this fat bike has a number of features which are well and truly are quite amazing and unique. Further, the workmanship is also something which helps a lot in ensuring that the bike gives quality riding pleasure for years to come. In total, it is something which offers great value for money.


Mongoose Kong Boy 20″ – Full Suspension Fat Bike

Are you looking for a heavy duty fat bike with one of the widest tire dimensions? If the answer is yes, then you have all the reasons to go in for this bike from Mongoose. It is a relatively short bike with a height of 20 inches. But beyond that, it is one hulk of a machine with some of the best features and functionalities. Here are a few of them which are quite interesting and informative.

best fat tire bike

Interesting Features

  • The biggest takeaways are the heavy duty and high quality FAT tire frame and fork.
  • They are made from the best quality materials which ensure that they are relatively free from corrosion and rust at all points of time.
  • It comes with a 20-inch wheel and the fat bike tires are also 20 inches.
  • Another big takeaway is the fact that it has the widest tire dimension of 4.25 inches.
  • The super wide 4-inch alloy rims are suited for any riding condition and can handle even the toughest of terrains and surfaces with ease.
  • It comes to the customers in the best of packages.


  • The packing is almost complete and there are many who believe that 85% of the bike comes to you in fully installed condition.
  • The handlebars, seats and the front wheel are the only things that should be installed. The same can be done by the customers themselves quite easily.
  • It is a bike which will certainly make many heads turn around just for its ergonomic looks and appearances.
  • The gears are located in the right hand and therefore it is quite easy to operate.


  • For small children, it might be a heavy bike but they will get used to it over a period of time. This perhaps is the only negative about this bike.


When one takes into account all the pros and cons and takes into account the various features there are reasons to believe that this is one of the low-cost street bicycle options which you will get in the market today. It is easy to ride, lightweight and easy to maintain. At the end of the day, it certainly is a value for money bicycle.

Tips For Choosing Best Fat Bikes

As mentioned above, the task of choosing good quality fat bikes is not an easy job. Apart from the fact that there are dozens of such brands and models available out there in the market place, lack of knowledge and information often leads customers to end up making the wrong choice.

Hence before spending money on these bikes, it is important to have a reasonably good knowledge about the various points to be kept in mind. Here are a few things to be kept in mind when it comes to choosing fat bikes.

  • Flotation

Flotation is one of the most important attributes that must be taken into account when choosing fat bikes. Basically, there are two wide varieties to choose from, bikes with room for 4 inches tires and those which come with facility for 5 inches or wider tires.

The kind of terrain you will be choosing could play a big role in choosing the right floatation. The width of the tire should be in line with the overall body frame and should not be either too thin or too thick.

  • Transmission (Gears)

The next important point is to ensure that you choose the right fat bike with the right gearing system. The kind of load you will be taking on your bike should be the deciding factor when it comes to choosing the gear functions.

full suspension fat bike

If you have a thick tire, some really big load on your bike and rough terrain to traverse then you must perhaps look for a low gear which will make riding easier and smoother. If you have a tire with a bigger inch size, then you must certainly pay attention to the gear functions. There are quite a few resource materials available on the internet that could help you to choose the right gear.

  • Budget

Yes, price is an important factor which will play a significant role in choosing the right fat bikes. Reasonably good bikes could start from $200 and go up to $3,000 or even more.

Hence you must decide as to what your budget is. Your end use, the kind of load you wish to take, the features which you want to have will play an important part in deciding on the budget of your fat bikes.

  • Wheel Set

The size of the fat bike wheels is another important aspect that must be taken into account. It could range anything from 27 inches circumference to 29 inches circumferences.

The smaller ones could be lighter and could help move faster while the bigger wheelbase could handle heavier loads and they are more stable and therefore perhaps long-lasting and even safer.

  • Disc Brakes

The quality of brakes is always an important point to be considered when choosing a fat bike. Conventional cable-activated, mechanical disc brakes are always better.

Hydraulic disc brakes are also quite depending on the climate and terrain you are riding. In colder climates, you must go in for hydraulic disc brakes which use DOT fluid instead of conventional mineral oil.

best fat bikes for the money

Benefits Of The Good Fat Bikes

When we talk about bikes we usually refer to fat bikes and mountain bikes which are used in rough terrains where there is quite a bit of climbing up and down to do.

Fat bikes, on the other hand, are useful for city roads and for those who would like to do away with automated means of transport and look for something that is healthier. Here are a few important advantages as far as fat bikes are concerned.

  • Speed: There is no denying the fact that speed is one of the most important factors as to why many people prefer using bikes instead of automated vehicles. In today’s situation where the roads are highly congested, it makes lot better sense to have a lightweight bicycle which can easily negotiate through heavy traffic. Even in highways where the roads are relatively traffic free, a quality bicycle can attain reasonably high speeds.
  • Extremely Efficient: Riders can easily negotiate through thick traffic and the maneuverability factor is something which makes them extremely useful in more ways than one.
  • Cost Effective: In today’s world where fuel costs are not moving southwards, it makes sense to use bicycles. Apart from being a healthy mode of transport, they are also quite cost-effective. It could help save hundreds of dollars on fuel bills which could be used for various other purposes.
  • Low On Maintenance: Compared to automated vehicles and there is no doubt that going in for bikes would mean spending lower on repairs and maintenance.
  • Therefore when the above are taken into account there are reasons to believe that it makes sense to go in for bikes.


Therefore when it comes to buying fat bikes there are quite few things which must be taken into account. There is a need to go through the due diligence process and look up as many models and brands as possible.

This will help you to have a clear idea about the various points to be kept in mind before choosing the best fat bikes. It will also help you to have a reasonably good idea about the prices at which these bikes are available.  It will help you to buy the right bike which will offer you the best value fat bike for money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1 Are Fat Bikes Harder To Ride

Due to increased weight, any fat bike is difficult to pedal on pavements or other normal terrain. Because of its difficulty to pedal harder, some people take it as workout

Q. 2 What Are Fat Bikes Good For

Fat bikes are very amusing and comfortable in riding. They allow riders to have good ride on uneven terrain and even snow with a fine grip. They offer surface contact and are safer

Q. 3 Do Fat Bikes Need Suspension?

No, there isn’t any need for suspension. It is featured with a lockout for lock and unlock it while tackling different roads.

Q. 4 How Long Do Fat Bike Tires Last?

Tires of racing bikes should last after 1000 miles, high-end tires are designed to last after 2500 miles, whereas, tough bike touring tires may need replacing after 4000 miles.

Q. 5 What Is Advantage Of Fat Tire Bike?

Fat tire bikes are very enjoyable and comfortable. It does not give any stress on lower back or hands due to absorbing vibrations by large tires.

Q. 6 What Is The Best Fat Tire Bike For The Money?

Mongoose Kong Fat is the best bike in terms of price as well as quality.