Best Choice Products 20″ Shimano 6 Speed Folding Bike Review

(Last Updated On: July 1, 2019)

Another average bike, but with Shimano 6 speed gears. The metal frame is made of hi-tensile steel, making it more rigid than aluminum ones, but it increases the weight. With the budget, the bike has a lot of things, but when you unwrap it, it needs a few adjustments. You have to tighten some things in order to ride it smoothly. It is available in the single color option. The bike is not for commute purposes, but mainly for town roams. Everything of steel makes is very bulky, not easy to carry and tore.

Best Choice Products 20 Shimano 6 Speed Folding Bike Review

Detailed Review

Arrange a screwdriver while opening the box of the bicycle, because you need some improvements before you’re going to ride it. The metal frame is made of the steel which means it gives you full strength but at the same time it weighs more than the normal aluminum bike. In fact, every part is made of the steel making it really difficult to carry.

The bike size is not adult, and while riding, due to heavy machinery, you get lots of vibrations and shocks. 20-inch tires are present. The mountains make the performance of the bike low, but on the good road, it is average.

Shimano gears are smooth enough, but not as I expected. They need oiling after you unwrap it. The maintenance cost of this bike is very low, in fact not at all. Traction of the tires is average, it could have been better.

On the road, when you ride this bicycle, you will find many problems with it. The heavy frame is difficult to handle, gears are not that smooth, the saddle is hurting, and tires are small. Handlebars are not at right angles. There are a few problems, but that because of the budget. This is a simple bike for the people, who just want a bike to commute, and then store it after folding. If you’re choosy with your bicycle, you won’t like this bicycle much.

The minimal frame, the gears, the tires, everything is average and you must be asking for some improvements after a period of time. If you’re planning to take it along with you on public transportation, then it is not a good idea. The price is good, and features are not that good. This could be your everyday ride, but not along the work. Ride it every day, on city roads and roam around the town. It is for fun, not for work. Heavy duty work is not favorable.

  • Low price

  • Very heavy
  • Needs tuning upon opening

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