Benefits of Cycling

Be it for commuting, entertainment or health reasons; bicycles are an underestimated solution to most of our problems in the current world.

Bicycles are a cheap solution to many who do not use vehicle transport and should be considered especially for their environmental benefits over motor transport.

Bicycles can maneuver traffic challenges and, while improving the cardiac and mobility health of the rider, they also produce zero emissions.

Furthermore, bike riding is a good option for individuals who do not have enough time to go to the gym and also access their places of work also.

Benefits of Cycling

It is, however, important to note that bicycle riding can be a life time activity as they improve one’s mobility and also reduce their weight. In fact, there are several state laws that govern the use of bicycles, the bicycle commuter benefits and the traffic rules regarding how vehicles and bikes should use the road (League of American Bicyclists). Increased use of bicycles will reduce the health risks behind inhaling motor fumes if more people do it and will improve the health of the larger society if adopted. In this article, we explore some of these benefits and problems that affect individuals who have stopped bicycle riding.


7 Reasons To Start Biking

Biking helps to have an active & healthy life style, a detailed account of different benefits one can withdraw simple by following a regular biking routine.

Not only it enhances physical activity but also helps in keeping the environment free from Carbon Emissions.


  • It Is Cheap

First, bikes bear numerous benefits for persons who are financially stressed by gas prices, train fares to destinations that are close enough for riding. With lowered a cost of transport, the bicycle commuter is able to go around redundancies that were previously out of their control. For instance, if you are stuck in traffic or miss a train or bus, one is likely to be late if the scheduling is overly broad. If your office is nearby, the situation becomes worse especially if walking will delay you and waiting for the bus will as well.

According to Eichler, the Federal government has also allowed up to $20 reimbursement by the employer for employees that use bikes for their daily transport. Those who work for employers that care about the environment are particularly lucky in this respect.

  • You Can Live A Adventurous Life

Bicycle riding is possible without breaking much sweat and one is able to access a long distance quite cheaply. Furthermore, one gets the chance to have a closer glimpse of their immediate environment when biking. Sight-seeing is a good idea for reducing stress and with added exercise, it makes biking the best idea to begin or end a stressful day (IBF). Biking to work is taking root in careers where dress code is not much of a requirement and has found its effects on fashion making it easier to live a dynamic lifestyle.

  • Strength Your Lungs

Lungs require to optimum infaltion in order to take oxygent to different organs of the body, but how many of us care about that. Cycling helps our lungs expand and in the process supply oxygen to other organs of the body while cutting the carbon dioxide. Healthy lungs ensures that the whole body is in ample supply of oxygen for optimal working of individual organs. Cycling is considered a good cardio exercise

  • Builds Muscle Strength

Additionally, bicycles are more beneficial for their health implications and fitness benefits.  Biking is a good remedy for those seeking to improve their fitness levels especially for working out their muscles and improving their agility.

According to Schneider, unlike other time consuming exercises, biking requires as less as three to four hours of training in a week to improve one’s health. The implication is that even for the office worker who has to drive to work every day, there is a health benefit in a weekend or pass time biking.

When comparing with other ways of improving strength or stamina, biking does not require much physical skill which implies that anyone can take up cycling for their exercise (Tarfe). The best thing about biking as a form of exercise however is based on the fact that the individual is able to regulate the level of strain when they are using the bike. It means that someone can still use the bike even in the event that they are recovering from an individual injury or strain.

  • Burns Calories

Cycling is one of the most favored exercise to burn the calories among Americans. As per a vague estimate, a person can burn upto 100 calories a mile depending upon the total number of miles travelled. More the distance travelled, higher the number of calories burned per mile. It’s one of the easiest ways to shed some extra pounds quickly. By Cycling to work, you can ensure that you are doing enough to keep fit without adding any schedule to your daily routine.

  • Stress Relief

As a solution to time delays when travelling and stress relief by mixing entertainment with serious business, biking is a viable option. Bicycle riding especially when done in groups is a fun way of improving one’s health while also saving time consumed through other forms of transport. The fact that biking is time efficient is a benefit that puts it past the regular forms of transportation. In fact, Barbour, promote cycling as a means of stress relief and pass time activity for individuals who are recuperating from illnesses and are unable to attend a gym. For workers, it is a time efficient way of relieving their stress when going or coming from work.

  • Time Efficient

One is able to save time by engaging in a fun activity and achieve their transport goals. When compared to driving and other means of transportation, biking is a method that improves the efficiency of an individual in the sense that they do not spend their time or money on exercise or weight reduction. Time taken in a car or in a bus may be used in biking which serves the same purpose. In comparison to most gym activity, biking has minimal impact on the health of the user, the occurrence of injuries are minimal and are rather dependent on chance and not the fitness of the rider.

  • Helps You Loose fat Build Muscle

Regular Calorie burning ensures shedding off fat in a healthy manner followed by strenth training helps build muscle. Cycling can be a real catalyst in transforming oneself from being a lousy creature to an active, health conscious individual brimming with confidence.

  • Cycle For Health Goals

Cycling is a therapeutic activity in that it can be done over a period of time to achieve individual health goals. Most doctors would agree that the heart and related organs need exercise too and our dormant lifestyles do not contribute much to involve the heart. The possibilities of cardiac diseases are increased when one is not used to having increased heart rates or drastic changes in their blood pressures which may strain the heart in the event of an attack (Alter). Therefore biking is important for an individual seeking to prevent and manage cardiovascular diseases since it increases the cardiovascular fitness of the body apart from working on the body tone and muscle fitness.

In addition to reducing stress levels it is important for individuals who face stresses in their daily activity and are also involved in careers that do not allow them to exercise as regularly as other people. Taking up biking is bound to help them reduce their weight and reduce their stress levels without taking up much of their time or affecting their productivity.

  • Avoid Accidents To Enjoy Biking

One thing that we can’t overlook is that, while riding is safe in the sense that it does not have a significant drastic impact on health, there are implications for those who are not able to ride safely. There is a need to ride right and most of the accidents and body injuries on record are usually on riders and not drivers (Schneider). Riding right implies being able to ride without being exposed to hazards such as road accidents and individual accidents in areas without traffic. Therefore, when riding, it is important to carry equipment that keeps you safe in case of falls and abrasions when moving in narrow spaces.

Barbou notes that up to 58% of Americans do not take their safety equipment when biking and that over 90% of the traffic accidents had the bikers without their gear.  Helmets and shin, elbow and knee cap guards are some of the most essential equipment if one is to bike in public and especially so, for those taking long distances in dangerous areas. Those interested in biking should also ensure that they are self-sufficient enough to be able to face the road on their own. For instance, it is important to be up to task with the relevant traffic rules to be avoiding accidents that happen when the rules are not followed.



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  • A Coach Ensures You Are Fit To Ride

Some of the hazards associated with cycling may not necessarily emerge from the environment where you are biking. For individuals who want to take up biking for a long time, there could be some consequences if one is not fit enough to ride. Having a bike coach will enable you to understand the situations that may put your body at risk when biking. Spragg for instance suggests that most individuals who get into biking may choose the bicycle simply for its color. The role of the motorcycle coach comes in ensuring that your body shape in terms of the strength of your muscles and your height allow you to use an individual bike and that you make the proper adjustments when choosing a bike for yourself.

According to Spragg, selecting a bike that is too big for your body may result in back and neck problems while choosing a bike that is too low may stress the knee and the knee cap that may aggravate pains especially for those with conditions such as arthritis.

The right fit position for biking is one that allows you to position yourself best for your workout. While you can get adjustments at your store, it is important to have your cycling coach to help you make the necessary changes so that you are able to adjust accordingly.

A Coach Ensures You Are Fit To Ride copy
Biking coaches are famous also in gauging your ability to handle certain areas of traffic so that you don’t get into traffic without enough skill to manage unprecedented loss of balance or control. For older individuals, your biking coach is important in regulating your strain levels and providing advice on the distance levels that are suitable for your exercise.

  • A Coach Is A Friendly Workout Advisor

If one considers biking training as recreational then having a cycling coach is usually an added advantage to your program. Most people taking up cycling for recreational purposes would rather do without a coach and may prefer biking with friends. However, the cycling coach is usually a gain for an individual looking to take up biking and being consistent with bicycle exercise. The role of the coach is that they are a critical friend to the way one approaches the bike program (Sumner). Primarily, the role of the coach is that they define a work out plan for you. Some coaches even do it without the client noticing that they have been biking more regularly.

According to Sumner, most of the downloaded training plans or those downloaded are usually universal which means that they are not uniquely meant for anyone. Friendly coaches get to encourage the biker to consider biking every time that they are free. In this manner, the coach gets to push the mental limits making the biker able to exceed previous work out goals.

The coach is able to allow you to get to ease into the biking routine. Moreover, better than biking alone, the trainer provides therapeutic balance in terms of time management and enables you to take the training more seriously yet do it with ease.

  • A Coach Is A Source of Motivation

The other role of a coach is that they motivate you to continue with your workout through periodical tasks on your exercise. Depending on your capabilities, one feels a sense of achievement after completing the tasks which keep them proceeding with the program and finally continue to bike on their own. For individuals with obesity and weight problems, it is usually easy to give up on biking after feeling strained during the starting period of the training. The coach is usually the voice of motivation that can keep you training despite the pressure that you may face in the light of starting a biking routine (Tarfe). However, some individuals may not need a coach at all since the training process is rather personal.

It is important to note that in as much as it is important to have a coach is also important to have a mindset that allows you to continue with the routine despite challenges or boredom. Some of the strategies to adopt is to use a coach but also to train with friends. Biking is a fun activity especially when done with friends and family. While the role of the coach is to keep you within your routine training, it may get boring and it is important to take time with friends or family for a biking activity.


Benefits of Cycling Infographic

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Why People Stop Biking

  • Embarrassing Discomforts From Continuous Riding

Biking may be presumed to be much fun with no down sides at all, but one should note assume so since there are people who have stopped biking entirely for various reasons. First, some of the problems are usually health issues that may arise, related to lengthy the use of bicycles. There are issues pertaining to the over use of bikes such as sores that may emerge in the bottom area due to friction with the seat.

According to Walsh, most bikers tend to be quiet about their situation when they feel discomfort on a part that is embarrassing to reveal even to friends. By the time that the situation aggravates, some of the bikers are not able to continue anymore and their condition makes them afraid or to dislike rejoining the biking spree again. However, there are some things that one can do to prevent such conditions.

For instance, it is important to see a doctor in the event of a sore or a boil related to biking. When having such discomfort it is, important for the individual to take a break from biking and deal with their health conditions. Another precaution is to ensure hygienic conditions that do not allow for infections to take advantage of the wound or sore that is developed since the lower abdomen tends to be warm and the sweat from vigorous biking may allow for the development of further inflammations.

  • Posture Issues

Posture Issues

There are stresses related to the position that has affected the ability of people to continue riding. For instance, there are some individuals whose position when riding and body shapes does not allow them to bike that much. Biking, in particular for women with huge busts the risk of developing stresses on the lower back and the neck may be higher (Walsh). Such pains are usually part of the reasons why some people may stop biking altogether.

There are others who are put off by other embarrassing situations such as having smelly feet or having the sweaty smell. With such conditions, it is not easy to claim self-esteem when biking and weighty individuals who have issues with their looks may be put off much more quickly. A solution to such a condition usually involves drinking more fluids and keeping the body clean by taking regular showers probably up to twice a day or more for regular bikers. Other conditions that may affect a biker may involve having faced an accident when riding which makes them afraid to go back to their routine. While biking may be fun, phobias and fears from past events may prevent an individual from engaging in biking again.

  • Discouraging Environments

Apart from the health issues coming from routine biking, there are other environmental situations that may keep you from biking. Some of the conditions that keep people from biking outdoors include being in a location that is too hilly and is likely to strain them when they are biking. In addition to being hilly, sometimes the roads are usually skiddy especially in the event of rain which is likely to cause a fall and is thus a hazard for someone trying to bike for fun and does not want to strain or injure themselves. Some apartment locations are usually in the middle of a busy street or road that is not meant for bikes. The lack of bike facilities in such areas often renders such people unable to use the bikes.

With high levels of traffic, there is greater chance that one will not bike since the likelihood of being stuck in traffic may be the same when the road is narrow, for example.In busy roads, for example, there is usually a high chance of encountering an accident. There are several legislations which have been put up to enable bikers to  travel safely on roads but are facing significant challenges due to failure to set up resources. Therefore some may fear to take up the bike due to the perception of danger and especially so for individuals who are old and rather fragile.


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Biking is, however, a fun, entertaining and healthy activity that can reduce transport costs drastically when considered. The advantages of cycling are that they are a health benefit for individuals looking to burn up their calories and acquire an attractive weight level as well as those looking to increase their strength and stamina. For the older person, biking has the advantage of cardiovascular fitness in the sense that they can handle different levels of blood pressure and their blood flow becomes more efficient since they are mobile.

Other than weight, biking is therapeutic in reducing stress since it allows the individual to explore their immediate environment healthily and it is recreational in that it is an activity one can take up with their family and friends. Some researchers have suggested that biking has a way of improving sex life and is also good for insomniacs since it does not require prolonged exercise to attain a tire that will enable one to find some sleep. The environmental benefits of riding a bike to work could be behind the US Federal government’s decision to introduce a tax reimbursement for employees who take a motorcycle to work every day instead of motor transport.

Biking is, therefore, a good idea but requires a level of caution when it comes to engaging in the activity regularly and using traffic. It is important to use all the safety equipment to ensure that one does not get injured in the event of a fall. Also consider the traffic rules and choose a bike that you can ride. The posture of an individual when riding has obvious repercussions on the health of the people. Some people have experienced back pains and neck strains due to riding a bike that is too big for them.

The retailer or your coach plays an important role in ensuring that one can keep up with biking especially when using it for exercise. The coach maintains the schedule and can gauge and regulate your strength abilities so that you do not over train or under a train. Nevertheless, biking should be fun, and one should consider biking with family and friends. While some may be afraid of biking due to health issues or environmental hazards, it is an activity that many have adopted for life.