AVANTI 20″ Lightweight Aluminum Folding Bike Review

(Last Updated On: June 26, 2019)

The bike has an lighweight aluminum frame, which is pretty solid, but makes it heavier, about 30 pounds. The metal frame makes it a rigid and durable folding bike, but being made of aluminum doesn’t help in weighing light, it is still heavy. The color available in the market is red, black and white. Rack and fenders are included in the box. 6-speed gears are present but not Shimano. The bike is simple, for commute purpose, but not heavy duty ones. Let us find out how it rides.

AVANTI 20 Lightweight Aluminum Folding Bike Review

Detailed Review

The frame is made of 20 Aluminum having folding capabilities.  The safety latch system is present so that it can hold up the position tight. The frame absorbs shock good, and riding is smooth. The bike design is simple, having very fewer complications, but I doubt that it could perform for commute purposes.

While accelerating and shifting gears, they weren’t smooth enough for a good ride. Though, they could have been better. You have to do proper oiling after a period of time. Twist grip 6-speed shifter did a good job, but it was expected more. Coming to brakes, it has Alloy v brake system, which made it stop as soon as I pressed it.

This aluminium folding bike doesn’t take much time to fold and open up. The bike is more of a town and outing bike rather than commute. But you can use it for that purpose. Considering the segment, you can view other options also, because it is not made for the daily purpose. Folding would take only 20 seconds, but for that, you have to do some efforts. The folding compresses the bicycle way much than any other in the segment. You can easily carry it along yourself on public transportation.

The metal frame while riding gave me vibrations and shocks. It is obvious because the bike is not made for heavy duty. When made to run into rough roads, and it shook the hell out of the rider. Overall experience with this bike, okay, but it was expected more.

Considering the budget, you can get some good bikes, even increase a budget a little bit will leave you with many options. This is for those who just want a commute vehicle that folds. It is a low-end folding bike, and does its work properly, nothing more than that, nothing less than that.

This vilano lightweight aluminum folding bike is suggested but before going to finalize,check for other folding bikes options, and make your mind. The bike is specifically designed for commute purposes, but fails practically.

  • Folding is easy
  • Fenders and rack are included

  • Heavy
  • Not suitable for daily commute
  • Shimano shifter is absent

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