Aosom Elite Pet Bike Carrier / Trailer – Red / Black

(Last Updated On: June 4, 2019)

Aosom Elite Pet Bike Trailer Overview

Pets love to spend time outside and enjoy the open air, sunlight etc but sometimes it might not be possible to take them outside like while you go for a bike ride. Leashing them with the bike is more dangerous for both. Aosom Pet Bike Trailer are a great thing to use to carry your pet along with you for the fun ride.

Features Of Aosom Elite Pet Bike Carrier:-

  • In built leash hook for the safety of your pet.
  • The front door has a removable and clear plastic cover to protect your pet.
  • Two doors at front and back for easy entrance and exit.
  • Easy to setup and fold for storage.
  • Meshed windows on the slide help to get maximum air flow to your pet.

Safety: –

The Aosom Elite Pet Bike Carrier / Trailer – Red / Black from Amazon are fully equipped with all kind of safety tools. It has in built leash hook giving maximum safety to your pet. The front door has a clear plastic cover to safeguard your pet from any weather disturbance and the same is removable also.

Capacity: –

The Aosom Elite Pet Bike Carrier / Trailer – Red / Black have the maximum capacity of 66 lbs, so you can easily carry your medium sized pet in it. The trailer weighs 32 lbs by itself.

Easy Of Attachment, Storage & Assembly

You can easily attach or assemble the trailer with your bare hands, there is no need of any tools for doing the same and the procedure is also very easy. Attach the bike hitch to the axle of the rear wheel of your bike then attach the trailer by slipping its arm onto the hitch and lock it with the pin and safety strap.


It is quite easy to assemble the same that even the kids at your home can do it. It also easily gets folded giving convenience for storage.

Ease Of Towing: –

You just need a bike hitch to tow the carrier with your bike. Just simply slip the arm of the carried to the hitch and lock it with the pin and attach the safety strap and you are all ready to roll.

Smoothness Of Ride: –

The carrier is made up of water resistant polyester fabric on a sturdy steel frame which makes it heavy duty. The wheels are 20” W * 1 ¾ thick, giving extra smoothness and comfortable ride to your pal.

Versatility: –

The Aosom Elite Pet Bike Carrier / Trailer – Red / Black from Amazon come with various features. It is a perfect option to keep and maintain a healthy life for both of you. The assembling and storage are also a kid’s job. It easily gets folded for storage and you can attach it with your bare hands,

  • Comes in an attractive look of black and red.
  • In build leash for the safety of the pet.
  • Front and rear doors for comfortable entry and exit.
  • Easy to assemble, attach and store. It can be done without the help of any specific tools.
  • The front door is equipped with a rolled clear plastic cover to protect from bad weather.
  • Water resistant polyester body with sturdy steel frame.

  • Maximum carrying capacity is 66 lbs.
  • It’s very addictive for both of you.
  • Pets may enjoy so much that you may need to take them out at regular intervals.

Conclusion: –

Pets need our attention and love all the time especially when they are old or sick or becomes immobile. The Aosom Elite Pet Bike Carrier from Amazon helps you to carry your pet for a fresh air which builds a strong bond between you too.

Aosom Elite Pet Bike Carrier / Trailer – Red / Black
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