Allen Sports Urban X 7-Speed Folding Bicycle Review In 2019

(Last Updated On: June 27, 2019)

Instead of made of carbon steel, this bike is made of aluminum. This is the only difference between the model I reviewed earlier. Rest performance is the same due to the same brand and structure. The one where it lacks is the weight. You would be lifting 25.6 pounds on a regular basis on public transport. Sounds like a heavy exercise to me. Foldable size of the bike is 33.5-inch x 13.8-inch x 27.6 inch. 7-speed gears are present instead of 20 in the previous model. This is more like an average commute bike.

Allen Sports Urban X 7-Speed Folding Bicycle Review

Allen Sports Urban X Bikes Detailed Review

The main advantage of this bike is its folding mechanism. It can be folded in less than ten seconds, without applying some sort of extra pressure. Everything went out great while I was folding. Coming to frame, it is rigid and solid, but heavy, very heavy, and that makes it difficult to carry it around. If you want to make it your daily bike, you have to lift some extra weight.

Gears are smooth, 7 speed Shimano is a great deal at a low price, and quality of the bike speaks for itself. After riding this bike, I have realized the only flaw it has is the weight, rest, smooth and comfy experience. The shifting is perfect and one don’t even realize when one could get from lower to a higher gear and vice versa. Brakes are of WinZip, which have decent performance in all the bikes they’re integrated into. The handle bars and height is not adjustable, you have to compromise on that. Gears help the bike to climb up moderate hills and rough roads.

Tires are life savers. No matter which type of road you’re traveling, they are going to grip on every type, although this is the best folding bike to travel. The brakes are good, the saddle is very comfortable, it’s my personal favorite in this bike. You could just pick it up, and ride to the outskirts, town, and city roads, anywhere. The bike has got minimum requirements, but maximum performance in the segment

Daily commuting is difficult by this allen sport folding bike, but that doesn’t mean it underperforms. We don’t get everything we want in a bike anyway, so it is a great deal at the price it is available on the Amazon. The bike is suggested for moderate commuters, who want a decent bike to go and explore. It is middle of high-end bikes, and low ends bikes, so you could use it for both of the purposes. From the above urbanx review it is found that no product is available at mid ranged which beats this bike, whether it is on durability or performance.

  • Lightweight and unique design
  • solid frame
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Good performance of any type of road

  • Can’t stand in the folded position

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