Allen Sports Central 7 Speed Folding Bike Review

(Last Updated On: June 26, 2019)

Allen sports folding bike has mid ranged specs, with a price tag of 999 dollars. There are many more great bikes by Allen, but this comes below them. The front shock absorbers are patented four link type. The 7 speed gears on the rear make it a smooth ride to drive. This folding bike is lightweight (only 25 lbs.) , but not lock type. It is great bike for city riding, and torn up places. The price of the bike is really high, which gives you room for thinking about other bikes. The only color available is white. If you are most likely going to buy a folding bike of Allen Sports brand, then you should definitely pay a close attention to Allen Sports Central 7 Speed folding bicycle.

Allen Sports Central 7 Speed Folding Bike Review

Detailed Review

When folded the dimensions of the bike is 33.5 x 14 x 31.5 inches. From handle bar to frame, everything is made of aluminum, well that explains why it is so light. The pressed folding system is a patented property of allen. Now you can see, these features (four link suspension and pressed folding technique) will only be available in allen bicycles. Allen is one of the companies that is continuously providing new developments in this section. The design helps in collapsing it in a second and then bring back to original place in no time. The frame is stable and steady. While riding, there are no vibrations and movements of parts.

The four link suspension provides good shock absorbing capabilities, and work really well on rough road. If you run this folding bike, you will feel pretty satisfied with the suspension. Though, if heavy man is riding, suspensions give less results. The handlebars are adjustable, which makes it the cheapest to have that feature. Shimano 7 speed gears are smooth, with capability of climbing a mid-ranged mountain.

This allen sports folding bike is really durable, with the metal frame, you can easily rely upon it. When you’re riding a rough road, metal frames may shake, but not with this bike. The smoothness, even after so many ups and downs is great. Wheels are of 18 inch (451mm) which is low to ground, but does a good job. The bike steadily moves with these wheels, and traction is great.

Allen Urban X has similar features, but not the four link suspension. That makes it cheaper than this one. The other features are same, along with the performance.  This bike is recommended for frequent users. The bike has really impressive feature to buy it.Though if you consider the money, you have many options to look at other brands. The patented design is the only key feature in the bike, if you can compromise on that, I think there are other good folding bicycles out there for a grand.

  • Lightweight
  • Whole aluminum Body
  • Patented four link suspension
  • Patented folding design
  • Adjustable handlebars and seat
  • Smooth gears

  • Expensive
  • There are lot of bicycles you can choose from in the same budget
  • No folding position lock

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