Digital Marketing Trends For Auto Dealers In 2019

(Last Updated On: June 25, 2019)

There is no doubt that technology is always in a flux and it is constantly changing and evolving. Today we are in the world of fiber optic internet, Netflix and on demand movies. Hence this also is leading to quite a bit of changes as far as our buying preferences and tastes are concerned. Modern day customers are well informed and they believe in research. This is evident in all products and services in general and automotive industry in particular. Customers are keen on spending quite a bit of time researching about vehicles and most of the research takes place online. Hence running an ad in a local newspaper may not be enough to bring in new customers and make them buy a vehicle. There is a need to reach out to these customers digitally. As far as 2019 digital marketing trends for auto dealers are concerned, the following could be considered useful.


Website That Are Responsive

The website is the first interaction between you and the prospective vehicle customer. Hence you have to have a website which creates a good impression the first time around. You must believe in having a website that is modern and contemporary in term of look and feel and also the ease with which it is navigable from the visitors’ point of view. Sites which are outdated and bulky will not attract viewers and they certainly will move to the next available option. The website must also be user friendly and responsive. The site should not hang even if customers use mobile phones and other portable devices.

Online Chat Provisions

Adding a live chat feature for your prospective automobile customer is no longer a choice but is fast becoming a necessity. It will help to keep potential customers on your site for that much longer. When you have a live chat option it will provide you with an option to answer questions immediately when they are put to you by visitors. This will increase engagement quite a bit. People who may not be willing to share email or phone number would most certainly be willing to chat online and get as much information as they feel is necessary and interesting.

The Importance Of Video Content

If you are keen on reaching prospective customers online, you must understand the importance of creating quality videos. A whopping 78% of visitors are interested to watch videos online each week and the number is increasing quite substantially. Hence, auto dealers would do better to create quite a few quality videos and share information about model comparisons, test drive results, testimonials from customers and other such useful and pertinent information. The quality of the video must be good and so must be the sound track. The video must be easily playable using flash and other virtual modes of video playback.


Advertising On Facebook

Facebook has 1.20 billion active daily users and therefore it is platform to be in if you are looking for quality customers. There is no doubt that Facebook ads, which are well-chosen, can be extremely focused and targeted and they can even work on small budgets. Video contents can be effectively used on Facebook.

Author Bio : David is a Marketer first and Geek second. He cut his teeth on direct response marketing way back in the early 2000′s. Since then he’s become, more or less “the secret weapon” the biggest marketers in Australia sneak through the back door to create Websites That Sell, set up Multi Million Dollars Launches and Create Profitable Online Marketing Systems.

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