Best Bike Trailers 2017 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Bike Trailer look like petite sidecars connected to a bike’s rear axle or frame. Best Bike Trailers can prove out to be be real fun and convenience. One can carry kids, cargo as well as pets in the trailers without any concern. Riding bikes is a growing trend, people like to carry their road bikes or folding bikes with them while travelling but there is just one drawback, lack of storage and carrying stuff and that’s what has contributed in the invention of bike trailers. Its a lot convenient and safer to carry your belongings, kids and pets in the trailers. But before you make your mind to buy one, there are certain points that one need to bear in mind. Lets have a look at some of the features which must be considered while buying a top bike trailer.

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Choosing The Best Bike Trailer on the market

Kids! You wish to take them with you everywhere you go. As much as you near them, and as much as you would not modify them for no matter what in the world, the arrival of kids into your life can seem to jam your biking world. But, you don’t really have to wait until they are grown up to start biking again. You can take them everywhere you want with the help of bike trailers. There are some points which are to be considered before you purchase a bike trailer. The finest bike trailer can be chosen with the help of the following points:

  • Size of Trailer

Further, then simply carrying one or two kids, the size and age of your kids should be an influential factor while buying a bicycle trailer.  Most of the trailers come in single and double styles, the interior cubic measurement of the trailer (i.e. the quantity of space your kid has) differs significantly amongst the brands.  Not astonishingly, the higher-end trailers are likely to arrange for more space than lower-end trailers.  Some trailers, in general, provide the most leg room, while some trailers have curved out sides that make available superfluous shoulder room.

  • Weatherproof & Venting

Riding in the rain is hardly ever anyone’s plans, keeping your child dry and warm is of apprehension for many existing in wet environments.  The door panels of trailers are very prominent and vary from a meek mesh casing with elastic tie-downs to a profuse water-resistant casing connected with closed zippers. Some models come with a climate shield, but a distinct rain cover is obtainable for heavier rains. For the period of rain, or colder climate, trailers also are likely to fog up because of deficiency of air circulation. To avert fogging and to provide air flow, some bike trailers have a window towards the side which can be opened.

  • Storage

While every single trailer in the market offers storage, the quantity of storage and its ease of access is the key.  Inopportunely, very few makers provide the authentic dimensions of the storing space offered, so determining the size existing can be puzzling.

  • Folding

While every trailer folds down for stress-free storage, certain trailers fold down with ease and slightly smaller than others.  If you own a petite trunk or inadequate space, be sure to examine the magnitudes of the folder trailer to make sure it will fit in the space you want.  A quick-release wheel is also one of the crucial elements if your idea is to fold your trailer on a frequent basis.

Every trailer is vended with an option that provides us a choice to include brake in the trailer, while helps from the trailer rolling away. The sorts of brake vary from a meek strap around a tire to a hand-activated drum brake.  Even though brakes are of negligible apprehension, when used as a trailer, as a stroller, a well-made parking or hand brake can make a huge difference.

  • Type of Seat

If you are carrying two kids, the power of the seat is vital to avert them from slithering into one another.  Lower-end models make a seat by unpretentious nylon straps, which come loose with time, triggering two kids to be squeezed together.  High-end models possess a bench-style seat that stops sagging.

  • Adjustable Handlebars

If you think of using your trailer as a stroller, an amendable handlebar is a necessity. Most trailers/strollers provide at least two handlebar altitudes for the adjustment, while some offer multiple handlebar heights.

  • Non-Toxic

Almost every baby or a toddler tends to chew the straps of the trailers. Therefore, it is sensible to buy a trailer which is Non-toxic of nature.

  • Convertible

Some of the bike trailers are convertible into strollers. If you are looking forward to purchasing a stroller and a bike, the trailer you can as well as purchase a bike trailer that can be converted into a stroller. It will serve as a bike trailer while riding and a stroller while you just want to walk in a shopping mall, parks or other places.

  • Strength and Weight

Every bike trailers are produced in such a way that they are able to transport the children with ease irrespective of the weight. Although care should be taken to check if, they are actually able to carry the kids with strength.

  • Durability and Ease of Towing

The durability of the bike trailer has to be considered as it will be put to use every now and then. While purchasing the smoothness through which they tow should also be checked, because if they are not able to tow with ease there is a chance of fall.

  • Padding

Before purchasing a bike trailer see to it if it has extra padding as it comforts the kid in every way and also protects the kid if there is any fall.

  • Harness System

The harness system is where the kid is held by a five point harness. See to it that you purchase a bike trailer with such feature as they provide more safety.

  • Adjustable Suspension

When there is an adjustable suspension feature in the trailer it helps to smooth out when there are bumps in the road. Therefore, look for a trailer with this feature.


Best Bike Trailer

Choose Why You Need A Bike Trailer?

  • Bike Trailer for Kids

The bike trailer is basically a wheeled frame cycle without any motor and these trailers are mainly used for carrying goods from one place to another place. There are some bike trailers for kids available that can provide you with more comfort, flexibility, and safety. You can attach these trailers with your bike through the hitch and travel with you anywhere. Your kids can easily be made secure with safety belts in the trailer, and you can enjoy the ride and maintain the parental responsibility. Also, you can spend much time with your kids and your kids will get some fresh air from outside.

  • Bike Trailer for Pets

Pets are also your family members and you need to take car of them all the time. With the best dog bike trailers, you do not need to leave your pet alone in your vacant house. You can attach these trailers with your bike and make your pet sit in this trailer. These trailers will keep your pets safe by the inbuilt-belt and you can use the trailer for multiple purposes such as strollers, car booster seat, pet’s carrier and travel bed for pets. Apart from that, you can ride the bike with your pets through these trailers, and your pets will get some fresh air and you can also give them community training at the exterior part of your home.

  • Bike Trailer for Cargo

Trailers are mainly manufactured for use of cargo and shipment of goods purposes. There are many types of bike trailers for cargo available in the market such as one wheeled, two-wheeled and you can also go for the multi-wheeled trailer for your business. You can shift your goods through these trailers and you do not need to spend any additional cost for transportation. You can easily attach these trailers with your bike through the hitch and carry your goods anywhere. You can run your business smoothly with the help of your bike trailer and you can transport your goods from one place to another place easily.

Trailer Bike Style

  • Hitch (Tray)

The hitch is basically attached to the trailer and it can allow you to corner and move the trailer flexibly. Along with that, a special frame is attached with both side axles and two wheeler trailer, using the vertical hitch with a flexible coupling. It can prevent the bumping of the cycle and you can attach the trailer with your cycle and move it with the help of the hitch only.

  • Roof

Roofs of the bike trailer are mainly manufactured by metal or plastic. The roof can protect your goods and for the pets and kids trailer, these roofs can easily protect them from the sun rays, rain, and harsh climate. For the cargo purposes, you can opt for the cage or car styled trailer and you can store your goods inside the trailer box securely.

Types of Bike Trailer


  • Those who want to carry bigger luggage like, many numbers of clothes, tents, and their necessary goods, can easily carry all of these things in the standard trailer. You will find a huge space capacity in this trailer and you can easily carry a large number of goods.
  • The hitches of these trailers are very strong and flexible. The trailer will automatically adjust according to the movement of your cycle or bike.
  • You will get great off-road touring community and the single wheeled trailer is easier to carry when compared to the others.
  • You do not need to spend any additional maintenance cost for these trailers and you can easily clean your trailers in a normal way.
  • You can use these trailers for multiple purposes such as cargo, touring, pets carrying and you can also ride with your kids on this trailer.


  • Some state has their own restriction for luggage carrying issues and in such cases, you cannot bring your trailer outside or on the main road.
  • You cannot bring these trailers for long term tours because they can get damaged due to wear and tear.


  • Pedal trailers are safe and secure
  • You can keep your children on these pedal trailers and there are some cycle trailers available which can also carry two children.
  • Some of these trailers can be converted to the jogger trailer, croozer child trailer, and stroller.
  • Some of these trailers have suspension and they can provide you smooth riding experience.
  • You can fold and store these trailers after uses.
  • You will get the rain cover and solid body of these trailers.
  • Great longevity and no additional cost for maintenance.
  • Different kinds of mounts like, axle, seat stay, seat post and rack mounts which are attached to the trailers.
  • Strong hitch and axle capacity can help you to move smoothly and they can prevent bumping.


  • These trailers are ideal for kids and pets, but they cannot carry a large number of goods.
  • It is very hard to identify the hitch and axle problems and it can break your safety on-road.

Benefits of Best Bike Trailer

  • Tourists can easily carry their large luggage in bike trailers. Those who want to carry some extra luggage like, extra clothes, tents and some home comfort things can attach these trailers with their cycle and ride it on anywhere. Groups and families can easily bring their luggage with these trailers.
  • It is very hard to ride the bike with your kids and it is impossible to leave your kids alone in the home. In this case, you need to wait for seven to eight years and then you can bring your kids to anywhere. But now you can also ride the bike or cycle with your kids and make them sit in their own kid’s cycle trailer. These trailers have safety belts which can protect your kids.
  • In this way you can spend quality time with your kids and your children will smell the fresh air and breathe the fragrance of the flowers when you take them for countryside rides.
  • You can carry up to two children through these bike trailers. These trailers have their own hitching devices which can protect your trailer and keep steady when connected with your cycle.
  • Some of these cycle trailers have sitting arrangement for adult people and you can carry your 7 to 8 years old children. They can also do some pedaling on their trailers.
  • These trailers are specially designed and you can consider these as your coaster wheel which is attached to the back side of your cycle. Trailers do not damage your cycle in any way.
  • You can use your trailers and store them in your storage place. Trailers can easily be folded and they require minimum storage capacity.
  • The hitches are mainly attached to your cycle and most of these trailers are installed or they provide additional hitches also. These devices are very steady and they cannot break or get dislocated by the movement of your cycle.
  • If you want to ride with your child on these cycle trailers and then you want to start your jogging on the road, then you can opt for some conversion trailers also. These trailers can easily be converted into a stroller for jogging, hiking and you can also opt for skiing with your trailer.
  • Most of the frames of the trailers are made of steel and some of them also use alloy. These metals cannot break down and they can also protect your child even on the rollover of the trailer.
  • Many trailers have some plastic shields and they can protect your child from rain water, sun rays, and harsh climate.
  • You can also use these trailers for multiple purposes such as you can carry your children, pets, luggage and you can also shift your small goods from one place to another.
  • If you are an extensive traveler then you must attach a trailer to your bike or cycle because you may need some necessary things during your traveling and you can carry all your goods in these trailers smoothly. Even for the long term journey, you can use the trailer and it can provide you with a smooth riding experience.


Best bike trailers are available at a very affordable price range. But if you need some additional accessories then you have to pay some extra amount. You can also go for the customized trailers and you will find them online. Burt when you choose the bike trailers for your kids, you need to check several things such as safety measurement, roof, hitches, alignment and also the body of the trailer. Trailers provide you with convenience and a hassle-free journey, and you can carry your luggage and all your necessary goods along with the trailers.

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